this is a small set of photographs created by seetharam maddali in the north american wild

for print and licensing enquiries please contact email at naturearts dot com

please note, this website is designed for large screens with highspeed internet

Yosemite Valley
Milkyway raising over Arch Rock
moon raising over alabama hills
northern cardinal
gila woodpecker
sunrise over grand tetons
wildlife calendar produce by seetharam maddali over years
sunset over hunts mesa
black-necked stilt pair
bishop creek
american avocet pair
western screetch owl
burrowing owl pair
clarks grebe pair
western dimond back rattlesnake
vermillion flycatcher
cow elk
White-headed woodpecker Male
White-headed woodpecker Female
Clarks Nutcracker
Varied Bunting
Henslos Sparrow
Scott's Oriole
Pine Forrest
Desert Sunset
Desert Night
Cactus Wren
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
American Verdin
Borad-billed hummingbird
Brown Pelicon
Wood Duck Pair
Borad-billed hummingbird
Borad-billed hummingbird
yellow-throated hummingbird
Mallard Duckling with mother
Royal Tern
Great-blue Heron
Cattle Egret
painted bunting male
painted bunting female
Royal Tern
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
laughing gull
Great Egret
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
black-necked stilt
chipping sparrow
Great Egret
Reddish Egret
Eastern Phoebe
Praire Warbler
Green Jay
red-winged blackbird
canyon wren
american goldfinch
yellow-eyed junco
monument valley
black-tailed gnatcatcher
california towhee
black-throated sparrow
American Kestrel Pair
American Kestrel Pair
American Kestrel Pair
Pyrrhuloxia Male
Pyrrhuloxia Female
Greater Yellowlegs
Roseate Spoonbill
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Scarlet Tanager
Red Crossbill Female
Red Crossbill Male
White-breasted nuthatch
Acorn Wookpecker
Least Flycatcher
Sage Thrasher
Great Blue Herron
Burrowing Owl
Elegant Tern
mexican jay
burrowing owl
gila woodpecker male
american avocet pair
american avocet pair
american avocet pair
northern flicker
curve-billed thrasher
house finch male
Elegant Tern
Surf Scoter
clarks grebe pair
yellow-eyed junco
blue-gray gnatcatcher
western bluebird