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Wild Birds found in North American continent, not particularily organized into groups or types. Added as they were photographed. Photographer, Seetharam Maddali travelled thru United States mainland, Mexico and Canada, the area covered by the American Birding Association to capture the artistic life of them.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Southeast Arizona

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Southeast Arizona

Ladder-Backed Woodpecker found in wooded canyons, cottonwood groves, pine and pine oak woodlands, desert scrub, and desert grasslands dominated by mesquite.

House Finch Female, Southeast Arizona

House Finch Female

Southeast Arizona

House Finch is very common, often abundant resident throughout much of the USA, extending north into much of extreme southern Canada and south into Mexico.

Western Tanager Male and Female, Southeast Arizona

Western Tanager Male and Female

Southeast Arizona

The Western Tanager classified in the cardinal family. Forages in all successional stages from grass-forb communities to stands of large trees in the western forests.

Pyrrhuloxia, Southeast Arizona


Southeast Arizona

The Pyrrhuloxia is also refered as Desert Cardinal is a medium-sized North American song bird found in the American southwest.

Gray Flycatcher, Central California

Gray Flycatcher

Central California

The American Gray Flycatcher is common in the arid regions of western North America, especially the Great Basin.

Northern Cardinal, Southeast Arizona

Northern Cardinal

Southeast Arizona

The northern cardinal can be seen in most parts of USA east of the Rocky Mountains and also appears in parts of Arizona, California and New Mexico.

California Gull, Central California

California Gull

Central California

A commonly seen gull of the West Coast, the California Gull breeds inland across large areas of the West.

Great Blue Heron, Southern Calinfornia

Great Blue Heron

Southern Calinfornia

The Great Blue Heron is the largest of the North American herons with long legs, a sinuous neck, and thick, daggerlike bill.

Marbled Godwit, Northern California

Marbled Godwit

Northern California

Marbled Godwit is a large shorebird, appears on the coast from California and Virginia southward and along the Gulf coast.

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