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Landscapes found in North American continent, not particularily organized into groups or types. Added as they were photographed. Photographer, Seetharam Maddali travelled thru United States mainland, Mexico and Canada to capture the artistic view of them.

Moonset over Alabama Hills, Central California

Moonset over Alabama Hills

Central California

These spectacular rock formations are called Alabama Hills, located near the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Owens Valley, Central California.

Valley View, Joshua Tree, California

Valley View

Joshua Tree, California

This spectacular view perched on the crest of the Little San Bernardino Mountains, which provides panoramic views of the Coachella Valley to the Salton Sea.

Grazing Deer, Yosemite NP, California

Grazing Deer

Yosemite NP, California

Ahwahnee Meadow is located in Yosemite Valley which offers a sectacular view of Half Dome. Mule deer grazing along the edge of the meadow often can be seen.

Pacific Coast, Los Angeles, California

Pacific Coast

Los Angeles, California

Pacific coast located on the east by the Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada and Mojave Desert and on the west by the Pacific Ocean in the USA.

Half Dome, Yosemite Valley

Half Dome

Yosemite Valley

Half Dome is a giant granite wall rises more than 4,737 ft above the Yosemite Valley. It is an attractive destination to hikers.

Spotlight On Valley, Yosemite NP, California

Spotlight On Valley

Yosemite NP, California

Giant granite wall on the left side is El Capitan and on the right Bridalveil Fall rising from Yosemite Valley, with Half Dome in the background.

Storm Over Bryce, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Storm Over Bryce

Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Bryce Canyon is a place to witness distinctive geological structures formed by weather, erosion and sedimentary rocks. It is located along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.

Tetons Sunrise, Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Tetons Sunrise

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Grand Teton located in western Wyoming, is the high point (13,770 feet) of the teton range which is extended from southern Alaska to northern New Mexico.

Mount Moran Sunrise, Grand Tetons

Mount Moran Sunrise

Grand Tetons

Mount Moran (Elevation 12,605 feet) is in the northern section of Teton Range which is located in western Wyoming of North America. It is an attractive place to mountaineers.

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