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Wild Birds found in North American continent, not particularily organized into groups or types. Added as they were photographed. Photographer, Seetharam Maddali travelled thru United States mainland, Mexico and Canada, the area covered by the American Birding Association to capture the artistic life of them.

Wood Duck Pair, Southern California

Wood Duck Pair

Southern California

Wood ducks prefer riparian habitats, wooded swamps and freshwater marshes. They predominantly use forested wetlands with a variety of hardwood tree species.

Dowitchers at Dusk, Southern California

Dowitchers at Dusk

Southern California

Long-billed Dowitcher forage by probing in shallow freshwater mudflats, and flooded fields.They mainly eat insects, crustaceans, mollusks, marine worms, and seeds of aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Baby Quail, Southeastern Arizona

Baby Quail

Southeastern Arizona

Common inhabitant of the southwest desert regions of North America. Gambel's quail are non-migratory species and are rarely seen in flight. Gambel's quail eat seeds of forbs, shrubs, trees and cacti.

American Avocet, Southern California

American Avocet

Southern California

The American Avocet is a large wader often seen across western North America wetlands where it swings long bill through the shallow water to feed.

Marching Royals, South Texas

Marching Royals

South Texas

Royal Terns commonly seen year round across Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Flies over open water looking down; plunges into water to catch small fish.

Long-Billed Curlew Pair, Southern California

Long-Billed Curlew Pair

Southern California

Long-billed curlew is the largest shorebird in North America. Long-billed curlew feeds on grasshoppers, beetles and crickets in the grasslands.

American Kestrel, Southern California

American Kestrel

Southern California

American Kestrel is the most common and smallest falcon in North America. Typically female size is larger than the male. Kestrel feed on Rodents, large insects, amphibians, small birds and bats.

Kestrel Food Exchange, Southern California

Kestrel Food Exchange

Southern California

Kestrels are frequently seen perching alongside roads. Kestrels hover with rapid wingbeats while hunting their prey.

American Kestrel Pair, Southern California

American Kestrel Pair

Southern California

Kestrels are known to pair with same mate for life time. Pair is generally established after a male establishes a territory.

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